3 Eligibility and Ownership

Members of the UK federation are eligible to make use of the UK federation registrar to register entities. Registration requests from other sources SHALL NOT be accepted.

The procedure for becoming a UK federation member is documented here:


The membership process verifies that the prospective member has legal capacity, and requires that all members enter into a contractual relationship with the UK federation operator by agreeing to the Rules of Membership. [UKROM]

The process also establishes a canonical name for the federation member. The canonical name of a member MAY change during the membership period, for example as a result of corporate name changes or mergers.

A federation member is regarded as the owner of all entities registered by the member, and is held responsible for the actions of the entity.

Entities registered by a federation member are distinguished in metadata by the inclusion of a <ukfedlabel:UKFederationMember/> label in the <Extensions> element of the entity’s <EntityDescriptor>. The member’s canonical name is disclosed in the entity’s <OrganizationName> element. See [UKFTS] for additional details on conventions used in published metadata.

3.1 Future Directions

The UK federation has in the past registered certain entities based on specific partner agreements rather than the standard membership agreement. Such entities are represented in metadata:

We anticipate that registration of all such entities will ultimately pass back to their natural “home” registrar, and the metadata for them will be provided to UK federation members through inter-federation metadata exchange.

Until this transition has been completed, requests for MDRPS re-evaluations for these entities SHALL be rejected.